June 2017
Strawberry sweetness

The plentiful summer is in full swing, thus we recommend eating a lot of berries, as the seasonal Cartel menu makes it not just healthful, but also incredibly tasty!

Renewed "Filvarok" inn: strawberries with cream, sweet berry soup, strawberry tarts and refreshing drinks: strawberry lemonade with basil and peppermint leaves,  strawberry milkshakes.

We are open at the lift #2 mountain station!

"Veranda" lounge: new additions to the exclusive cocktail chart.

  • Rossini (sparkling wine with strawberry mash);
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers (chilli pepper mix with strawberry and pineapple puree, blended with gin, basil leaves and albumen);
  • Red Rabbit (strawberry mash, blended with bourbon, gin and bitter).

You'll find us at "BUKA" EC, 1st floor!

"Osteria Italiana":  Di Fruttas, wood-fired Italian fruit pizzas (classic Semola flour base, topped with strawberries, blueberries, dark and milk chocolate, cheese, cream and peppermint leaves).

Location: VODA club, not far from the Lake of Youth.