February 2020
WWFC «Bukovel open cup» 2nd qualifier results

Dear MMA fans,

On March 22, we all witnessed the second qualifier round between amateurs and pros at "BUKA" EC, which went absolutely magnificent. Right now we’re doing preparations for the final event, scheduled for March 14. Stay tuned!

Road to WWFC "Bukovel Open Cup" 2nd qualifier results:


  • Pienkin Valentyn (W) - Zhukivskyi Kyrylo (L) UD: 70 kg. semi-finals
  • Ozmanov Artur (W) - Andreev Oleh (L) UD: 70 kg. semi-finals
  • Hadyrov Denys (W) - Ostapchuk Vadym (L) Submission 1st round: 70 kg. semi-finals
  • Bahlaiev Oleksandr (W) - Ploskan Yaroslav (L) Technical KO: 70 kg. semi-finals
  • Pienkin Valentyn (W) - Ozmanov Artur (L) UD: 70 kg. final
  • Hadyrov Denys (W) - Bahlaiev Oleksandr (L) Submission 1st round: 84 kg. final


  • Litvinov Serhii (W) - Vanteev Oleksandr (L) UD: 57 kg. semi-finals
  • Cheredichenko Bohdan (W) - Solovei Dmytro (L) MD: 57 kg. semi-finals
  • Zhurakivskyi Anatolii (W) - Artysiuk Yevhen (L) UD: 70 kg. semi-finals
  • Krakovskyi Oleksandr (W) - Fedoseev Oleh (L) KO 1st round: 70 kg. semi-finals
  • Litvinov Serhii (W) - Cheredichenko Bohdan (L) UD: 57 kg. final
  • Zhurakivskyi Anatolii (W) - Krakovskyi Oleksandr (L) Submission 2nd round: 70 kg. final

Last time we announced bonuses and rewards we established to encourage our fighters, presented by our partners FAV.BET. Here’s what we’ve decided:

  • Best amateur fight: Pienkin – Ozmanov;
  • Best professional fight: Litvinov – Cheredichenko;
  • Best KO: Krakovskyi;
  • Best submission: Zhurakivskyi.

Higher WWFC officials have something to say:

"Our each tournament is a reflection of our team’s efforts, and it’s safe to assume that we’ve done our job perfectly this time, and the results of the second qualifier prove it full well. Finally, the intrigue worn off and we finally know the names of the most enduring fighters. We’re pleased to watch them grow in skill, because with each such trial they are making a huge step forward.

As it was intended from the very beginning of the series, we allowed both amateurs and pros into the competition. Now I see that our expectations were justified.  Athletes develop, share experience, train their skills and get better. Thus, we are waiting for the final tournament, scheduled for March 14th, which will name the best of the best", - Volodymyr Teslia, WWFC & UFMMA chairman.

"Each time a tournament is over, we rejoice. For us, it’s all about testing our organizing abilities. This one we’ve passed with a very good score: the organizing team and participants themselves, who showed remarkable results.

Every victory claimed in the Bukovelian series is well-deserved, and I am pleased to point out that as a constantly evolving league we have an opportunity to motivate our athletes as much as possible with prizes and bonuses. I’m looking forward to see the finals and we invite everyone to cheer for our relentless fighters", - Denys Perch, WWFC & UFMMA vice-president.

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