Code of conduct in case of air raid alert

27 DECEMBER 2022
Code of conduct in case of air raid alert

Dear friends!

Please familiarize yourself with these important safety notes that will help us take care of you.

Guest safety is our top priority. As soon as air alert is transmitted, we kindly ask everyone to relocate to one of these shelters: 

  • indoor parking #2; 
  • "Buka" EC;
  • hotels "HVOYA" and "Radisson Blu Resort".

During air alerts ski-lifts will stop, but not before all skiers are taken down to valley stations.

In case of a blackout, we have a fully fledged Point of Invincibility with backup lighting, Starlink Internet access, first-aid kits and potable water.

On the territory of the resort, as well as on the entire territory of Ukraine, curfew is in effect 23:00 through 05:00.

Resort operation during power outages
Ski-pass prolongation update

Be safe. The Victory is not far off!