May 2018
«Palace Del Mar», new partner hotel in sunny Odessa

Dear friends, welcome to "Palace Del Mar", our new partner resort hotel, located on the picturesque shores of the Black Sea, in the very heart of sunny Odessa city.

"Palace Del Mar" is a renovated architectural ensemble, capable of impressing demanding visitors with luxury apartment interiors, planning and features: stained glass, chandeliers, handmade furniture, landscape park with more than 200 plant species.

35 hotel rooms of different categories are available for booking. The majority of those have panoramic terraces with truly magnificent views. General features of the rooms include climate control, mini bars, satellite television, digital telephony and Internet access. Other remarkable amenity of the hotel is "Pasta Fresca" restaurant, offering some very special culinary delights, which represent gastronomical preferences of Italy’s southern regions - Apulia, Campania, Lazio, Calabria, Basilicata, Sardinia and Sicily. The restaurant is especially famous for its homemade Italian pasta.

Experienced hotel personnel works hard to provide the best possible service level, literally to give guests the experience of living in a fashionable seaside palace. Treat yourself with a vacation worthy of the kings!

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