February 2018
Booking trickery alert!

Dear friends!

Once again we are forced to inform you of increasing amount of trickery cases around "Bukovel" accommodation bookings.

The trick is simple: you are asked to pay in advance (sometimes full cost), for non-existing apartments. Deceivers may also secretly act on behalf  of real estate owners. As a result, deceived people not only lose money, but also their time, get stressed from urgent searches elsewhere. There are numerous clones of the official resort website on the Internet, offering housing in the region using "Bukovel" trademark.

Here are just a few examples of those:


If you happen to see a website using our name, be sure you're facing illegal schemes, as "Bukovel" trademark can't be used by any company except the resort itself. Such fake sites are constantly appearing and fading away, still others are coming to replace the banned ones.

The resort administration is taking all possible preventive measures to combat this  phenomenon. Unfortunately, legislation and regulatory policy in this area do not allow our employees to react quickly and efficiently. We receive continuous reports of such cases, with numerous appeals to law enforcement agencies. Sadly, but the official stats are not complete, as many people refuse to report the police for no particular reason.

If you happen to fall victim to such fraud, we strongly advise you to contact law enforcement agencies and report the resort administration of such cases as soon as possible. Please mail your reports and information to: rg@bukovel.com

Again, we highly recommend you to be cautious when entering suspicious websites and booking portals. Only by booking from the official website of the resort, or our authorized vendors can you protect yourself from losing money and receive guaranteed service.

The list of the official partners of the resort:

"Meest -Tour"


"Join UP"

Pan Ukraine Agency

Together with big tour operators, accommodation at "Bukovel" is legally provided by a variety of smaller tour agencies. To make sure you are dealing with an authorized company, please ask for a unique order code to be provided.

Having this code, you may apply to our booking managers and find out whether your reservation was actually made and confirmed.

 The country of "Bukovel" welcomes you.