August 2015
Autumn holidays 2015!

Dear friends, we are pleased to inform that a new youth camping program – “Wonders of Autumn” is about to kick in!

Test yourself by entering the “Buka the bear’s adventures” labyrinth quest together with your peers. Endure the “I’m here in Bukovel” photo cross course. Visit the “Decoupage”, “Quilling”, “Polymer clay” workshops and surprise your relatives and friends with marvelous handmade presents. Improve your skills in radio orientation and enjoy the nature of Carpathiians, visit the “Fox hunting” – exciting outdoor adventure. Sing and have fun on the “Golden smereka” music contest. Present your puzzles on the “What does the Buka know?” riddle fair.

“Mysteries of the Carpathians” adventure will demand all of your physical and intellectual potential as it awaits for the new records to be set. “Cossack games” entertaining tournament, “Make your friend laugh” contest, “Ukraine goes in for sport” sporting event will test your apprehension, quickness, orientation and reactive skills.

“Guess a melody” musical arena, Artek-style mass meetings and discos are for those who are the true melomaniacs, musicians and gifted dancers. Cycling, quad bike racing, pools and waterpark, bowling and aero-hockey – can you imagine something more exciting than that?!

Join us in Bukovel resort, take your chance of finding true friends and new ways in life!

“Wonders of Autumn” full time-up:

Day 1. Friendship.


Getting acquainted: “Snowball”, “Spider web”, “Interview”, “Associations” games.

Tour of the camp.

Each squad will design and present its own wall newspaper.

“Palette of talents” thought provoking / informative game.

Acquaintance evening in squads. “Tell me about yourself” event.

Day 2. Artek.

Season-opening ceremony.Artek members’ initiation. Hike to the Bukovel mountain. Photo session. Pool and waterpark.“Buka the bear’s adventures” labyrinth quest. “I am here in Bukovel” photo cross.
“Frienship has no limits” massevent.

Day 3. Leadership.

“Follow the Leader” course (extreme-park, rock climbing). Artball, volleyball, basketball classes.
“Walkie-talkie”, “Decoupage”, “Quilling”, “Polymerclay” workshops.
“I am here in Bukovel” photo exhibition.
“Around the worldin 30 minutes” blitz tournament.
“Goldensmereka” music contest.

Day 4. Sport.

“Olimpia” sport club’s opening ceremony. Artball, football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, chess and checkers competitions. Funtime: cycling, quadbikes race, bowling.
“Fox hunting” walkie-talkie quest. Pool and waterpark.“ Ukraine goes in for sport” sporting event.

Day 5. Ukrainianculture.

Ukrainian flag raise ceremony.
“Ukraine is my country” flash mob.“Mysteries of the Carpathians” adventure.
“Walkie-talkie”, “Decoupage”, “Quilling”, “Polymerclay” workshops.
“Know your country” quiz.“Guess a melody” musical arena.

Day 6. Humor.

“What does the Buka know?” riddle fair. Funtime: cycling, quadbikes race, bowling.
“Cossack games” entertaining tournament. “Make your friend laugh” contest. “Starteen” mass event.

Day 7. Art.

“Spectacular talents” festival: we will determine the best from vocalists and bands, reciters, poets and prosaists, artists, dancers and instrumentalists.
“Walkie-talkie”, “Decoupage”, “Quilling”, “Polymerclay” workshops. Funtime: cycling, quad bikes race, bowling. Pool and waterpark.
“Triumph of the successful” gala concert. “Starteen” mass event. Parting evenings in squads. “Tell me about myself” event.

Day 8. Final.

Season closing ceremony. Winners awarding. Parting tour of the camp. Departure.

Our pricing:
Number of nights 7
Arrival date 31.10.2015
Departure date 07.11.2015
Price: 650 UAH per day ,
Package price: 4 550,00 UAH