October 2018
Bukovel, the Heart of the Carpathians. Meet the revamped brand identity

Dear friends,

We are pleased to introduce to you, our resort’s freshly revamped brand identity, sloganized as "Bukovel, the Heart of the Carpathians". Our previous logo and style we have been using as long as since our very origination, have become outdated in terms of portraying the true essence of Bukovel. Over the course of our 18-year-long history, we have changed. We started as a small, niche wintersport destination, having constantly evolved into Eastern Europe’s major ski resort. We’ve come a long way from mainly winter-season retreat, up to a full-scale, all-season tourist center, destination number one for sports, recreation and entertainment. The time has come for us to reveal our new identity to the World.

Right now, TC "Bukovel" is a heart of the Carpathian Mountains. It’s the Epicenter of events, the Gravity Point, the place, where Life itself pulsates in all its diversity, the Midpoint for region’s business and tourism affairs. It’s the Place being loved and recognized by millions of tourists. And we heartily love our guests in return. We’re curious if you’re going to like our updated corporate identity. We’re hoping it will help you see Bukovel for what it truly is: perhaps more sensual or enigmatic, more youth-oriented, open-minded, authentic, and 100% more appealing to you.

"Bukovel. The Heart of the Carpathians"