November 2019
New Years Eve 2020 at «Cartel» family restaurants

New Year’s Eve is approaching and you’re still hesitant in your decision where to celebrate?

Head to the mountains!

The "Cartel" restaurant family offers to start the upcoming year with exquisite culinary delights and unforgettable mountain resort experience.

You’re free to choose the option to your taste:

  • You prefer Ukrainian cuisine standards? We’re waiting for you at our traditional establishments "Filvarok", "SALO" and "Kolyba".
  • Asian food? Visit "Lucky Bull" to savor exquisite steaks and Asian fusion.
  • Pizza and pasta? Drop in to "Osteria Italiana" restaurant.
  • Tasty ribs and juicy burgers? "Rebra BBQ" is a paradise for meat  connoisseurs.
  • Fiery dances and clubbing experience? "Veranda Lounge-Zone" is a perfect venue for you.
  • Longing for privacy and hasteless, tranquil celebration? Head straight to "Whisky Bar".

Choose an establishment and make haste with your table reservation, as time is running short!

For booking and info, visit our establishment’s social media pages or call:

+38 067 350 34 44 "Filvarok", "Kolyba", "Osteria Italiana", "Rebra BBQ", "Veranda Lounge-Zone".

+38 067 350 33 88 "SALO".

+38 067 350 44 11 "Lucky Bull".

+38 067 350 11 88 "Whisky Bar".