February 2016
New options! New prices!

Dear friends, Due to numerous requests and considering the current situation, we decided to add a new option for your skiing experience. With the new “Half of a Day” ski-pass, enjoy the slopes between 1:00 PM and 7:30 PM for 400 UAH!

Moreover, the cost of a standard “3 Hours” ski pass is now heavily reduced. From now on, the price is 300 UAH instead of 530.

Feel free to browse through our “Velvet season” info section and plan your winter vacation in TC “Bukovel”.

In the first place, these measures were taken to avoid deceptions and illegal ski-pass re-sale attempts.

By re-selling ski-passes or transferring them to another person, you violate the rules of our resort. Ski-pass is the property of the buyer and valid until completely used, but only buyer he has the right to use it. The administration has the denial of service right in cases of revealing of resold or transferred ski-passes. This includes ski-pass permanent blocking. Our security service is monitoring the situation closely and the authenticity of ski-passes is controlled by special software.

Beware of fake ski-passes!

Again, we warn you about buying ski passes of our resort from any suspicious vendors and websites. Only by buying from our authorized distributors or pay desks you can guarantee that you’ll get a genuine ski pass and protect yourself by the Law from losing money.

Have a safe and smooth ride.

The country of “Bukovel” welcomes you.