March 2019
Bukovel Free Fight Cup: Grand Final recap

Dear friends, athletes, coaches, sports doctors and fans! On behalf of the  "Professional Fight Union" league and “Bukovel” resort, we would like to sincerely thank everyone involved for all those season 9’s unforgettable moments and experience.

The season to pass wasn’t just a pleasant showcase to watch, as there were a plenty of surprises, debates and speculations. We do admit, it hasn’t been without controversy as well. Still, the overwhelming atmosphere of a big sporting event was real. Together we celebrated sport, healthy spirit, power of will, manliness and physical prowess.

Throughout the entire course of the season, it was a 6-tour long quest for supremacy, as our contenders competed within their respective groups, which represented 5 different weight categories. The epic trial for the honor of possession of the prestigious Bukovel Free Fight Cup Champion belts!

It’s a pleasant thing to recap all the season’s brightest moments and realize that once again it was a year of discoveries and breakthroughts. A radiant constellation of new talents has arrived indeed, the new company of heroes, the guys showing already a good example to their younger comrades in sports, for the youth in general and for those who willingly choose sport and healthier way of life.

And finally, this thankful recap wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a single person to show an incredible amount of support and dedication to our cause. On behalf of all our fellow sportsmen and coaches, we would like to send our sincerest thanks and appreciation to Mr. Oleksandr Shevchenko for having us in the marvelous land of Bukovel, as well as for invaluable contribution to the future of the Ukrainian free fight!

Season 9 has already become history. Still, recreation and sporting events are a never ending cycle here in Bukovel. The Velvet skiing season 2019 is right around the corner, followed by a promising and exciting summer season.

See you at the forthcoming PFU events!