February 2016
Photo control

Dear friends!

This week we introduce photo control to improve our ski-pass protection level.

From now on, photographing is a mandatory procedure when booking TC “Bukovel” ski-passes, as well as face control is mandatory during tourniquet pass through.

 If it is impossible to identify the person, willing to pass the tourniquet, via the photo card on the ski pass, the ski pass shall be banned immediately.
These measures shall benefit not only the resort directly. In case of a ski-pass loss or stealing, this additional level of protection allows returning the ski-pass to its rightful owner.

Beware of fake ski-passes! Again, we warn you about buying ski passes of our resort from any suspicious vendors and websites. Only by buying from our authorized distributors or pay desks you can guarantee that you’ll get a genuine ski pass and protect yourself by the Law from losing money.

Photo control is introduced for three ski-pass categories: "Early Risers", "Junior" and all types of promotional ski-passes. All other ski-passes are in sale without photographing.

Have a safe and smooth ride.

The country of “Bukovel” welcomes you.