What is winter?

So how would you describe winter?

Winter is cold... At the same time, full of heartwarming family holidays, cozy evenings and wonderful memories. Christmas tree lights, angel figurines, pine and citrus aromas, gloves wet from snow. Anticipation of gifts and the coolest holidays of the year.

Winter is like your favorite knitted sweater: prickles and warms at the same time.

Sometimes winter is fierce... But also so gentle! Like a touch of frost on the cheeks. Like your mom's "Don't forget the hat!" before leaving the house. Or perhaps gentle like the first snow, or your favorite plaid, or a cup of cocoa. Like our most cherished dreams that might come true on Christmas.

Winter is diverse... And full of new experiences which await at Bukovel. Hit the slopes and walk through snow-covered woods, engage in active recreation and relax at your favorite SPA, traverse snowy peaks and yet again spent unforgettable days in the heart of the mountains. Winter adventures are calling!

Winter is here... And we gladly invite to enjoy the sheer awesomeness of landscapes, the warmth of our friendly care and your own special moments. Here, everyone discovers winter, falls in love with it once and for all.

Winter is in the heart... In the Heart of the Carpathians!