Bukovel ski schools

Whether you wish to make your first steps into the world of skiing or improve your technique, we highly recommend that you contact professional instructors at specialized ski schools being available at Bukovel.

In order to increase the level of skiing culture and the safety of tourists with different skill levels, ski and snowboard coaching at Bukovel can only be conducted by instructors from accredited ski schools.

To receive school accreditation, send an application letter to this e-mail skibukregister@bukovel.com.  

In your letter, please specify:

  • ski school full name,
  • ski school contact information,
  • coaching date and time,
  • number of students,
  • list of tutors,
  • skill level of students,
  • additional requests.

Accredited schools operating at Bukovel

In order to submit an application from youth sports schools and clubs preparing for the competition, please mail your application to this e-mail address skisport@bukovel.com.  

For private individuals

Bukovel provides an opportunity for private persons to train their relatives on the specially designated slopes. 

Please bring the following documents 

  • Passport or driver's license (tutors).
  • Passport or driver's license (students).

Registration for coaching takes place at the "Bukovel Ski School 7A" branch (above the lower lift station #7). On the day of the training, tutors need to appear together with their students at the school branch from 09:00 till 16:00.

In the school office, you will be issued with a training form. Please familiarize yourself with the on-slope safety rules, and agree on the start and end time of the training.

Before the coaching starts, you will be given an overlay, which must be worn over the skiwear. The overlay fee is 200 UAH (the deposit is returned back after the lesson is finished and the overlay is returned).

To save time, consider registering early and submit your application by email skibukregister@bukovel.com.  

In your letter, please provide the following information*:

  • tutor's full name,
  • tutor's phone number,
  • tutor's birth date,
  • tutor's registration address,
  • list of students with family connections (daughter, brother, mother etc),
  • desired time and date of coaching.

*When submitting an application, you agree to the processing of personal data.

If any rule violations are discovered during the coaching, the following sanctions will be applied by the Bukovel administration:

  • warning,
  • ski-pass blocking.