27 July
Kyivstoner @ VODA club

Good news everyone! Kyivstoner, the most charismatic and discussed Ukrainian rapper, is heading to Bukovel, fully armed with an entire arsenal of hits!

Join in and enjoy the creative nature of the man who knows everything about hyping on the Web. We expect to hear Kyivstoner’s big hitters "Lito", "Oleni", "Meow Meow", "Hipopotam", as well as some fresh material from the forthcoming releases.

Just imagine, the 27-year old performer has been already backed up by a huge army of fans from all over the World! He drew recognition from blogging activity, by publishing small humoristic sketches and monologues on YouTube, which now score hundreds of thousands of views instantly upon release.

Up to date the rapper boasts the authorship of three independent music albums: "Haipaholik", "Haipaholik 2" and "Banger", with major singles’ video versions being insanely popular and hyped on the Internet.

But enough small talk, you need to see and hear him for yourself!

When: July 27

Where: VODA club

Open doors: 9pm

Ticket booking available at karabas.com and kvartal-concert.com