Indoor and outdoor parking lots are available at the resort.

For the convenience of guests with vehicles, indoor (multi-level P1 and P2) and outdoor car parks are available at Bukovel.

Located in close proximity to popular venues and services, car parks are scattered throughout the resort.

We ensure that vehicles are safe, being under proper supervision.

Resort map


Car parks being currently operational: P1, P2, P8, P11, P14 and P15.

Ticket offices are available at car parks P2 and P15.
Other car parks accept payments via parking meter devices.

One-time arrival fee for car park P8 – 150 UAH.
These amounts are re-charged for each 24h of stay in the parking lot.

Free parking time (for passenger loading/unloading) at car parks P1, P2, P14, P15 – 15 minutes.

Parking service fee is calculated according to actual arrival/departure time.

Prices for parking
Parking fees Auto, UAH Bus, UAH
up to 15 minutes (P1, P2, P14, P15) free free
1 hour 50 250
2 hours 100 500
4 hours 150 750
12 hours 200 1000
24 hours 250 1250
Penalty ticket 250 1250