Introduce your kids to the local domestic fauna!
Working hours Mo-Th
10:00 - 18:30
Working hours Fr-Su
10:00 - 18:30
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Welcome to Bukovel resort’s petting zoo, a new sightseeing opportunity to explore with your family and kids. Located at the premises of "Hutsul Land" folk-park, it features dozens of domestic, wild and exotic animal and bird species. This freshly-opened attraction will surely be delightful for both children and adults.

You’ll be surprised how quickly you will recover from the depressing city routine. Don’t miss the chance to pet and feed the cuties we've adopted here: four-horned rams, rabbit-eared sheep, cute alpakas, restless goats, noble mouflons and fluffy cows. Moreover, a visit to a petting zoo is a perfect opportunity to teach your kids a lesson of love and responsibility!

The mission of the zoo is to provide parents opportunities to introduce children to the world of fauna, thus you’re able to observe animals (almost) in their natural habitat, not through the bars of a cage.

Feel free to take an unlimited amount of photos and videos!

A parking area is available right next to the "Hutsul Land" skansen.

Prices for "hutsul land" petting zoo
Service Price, UAH
Standard ticket (Mo-Fr) 275
Standard ticket (Sa-Su) 300
Preferential ticket (children under 12, pensioners; Mo-Fr) 225
Preferential ticket (Sa-Su) 250
Chilrden under 6, AFU servicemen: free entry.
Tickets are valid for the entire day of purchase.