A true museum of folk traditions offering the best from Ukrainian and local cuisine.

A culinary tour of the resort should necessarily include a feast at "Filvarok" inn, which is a real museum of culinary traditions offering Ukrainian cuisine hits and local specialties.

We have a plenty of delights to impress even the most demanding gourmands:

  • local cuisine: "banosh" – corn meal mush cooked with sour cream, brinzen cheese and cracklings; savory mushroom soup; potato patties roasted in jugs with cream, mushrooms and veal;
  • ice-cold branded vodka – "khrenovukha", horseradish infusion with honey and aroma spices;
  • grill menu;
  • pancakes with poppy seed and cherries.


No. Restaurant Location Working hours
1 Filvarok #1 Upper residential area 12:00-23:00
2 Filvarok #2 Mt. Bukovel 09:00-19:00
3 Filvarok #5 Ski-lift #5 mountain station 09:00-16:30
4 Filvarok #11 Ski-lift #11 mountain station 09:00-16:30
5 Filvarok #12 Ski-lift #12 valley station 09:00-16:30