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Bukovel hot tubs is a special place in the very heart of the resort. Treat your body and soul with rejuvenating energies, brought to you by the nature itself!

Hot tubs are large wood-fired cauldrons full of water, capable of accommodating up to eight people, with a safe soaking temperature of 36-45 degrees Celsius. Originating from Bukovel springs, our water posesses powerful soothing and healing effects. For more potent therapeutic effect, small pouches of medicinal herbs are added to the tubs. After a pleasant and relaxing warming, forge your body strong by tempering it through controlled exposure to the cold. The coldwater tubs are just a few steps away!

Due to sparing and health-improving properties of springwater, we highly recommend hot tubs to both children and adults. The procedure effects the functional state of the cardiovascular system, immunological reactivity and improves overall body conditions.

Please note! Our SPA provides services subject to advance booking only.

Prices for hot tubs
Service Price, UAH
Bigger tub, 2 hours 3180
Small tub, 1,5 hours 2580