November 2019
Equipment rent discounts

In addition to ski-pass discounts, we offer cheap and high quality outfit rent for the 2019-2020 winter season. 

Remember, proper ski outfit ensures your safety on the slopes. 

All the gear provided by TC "Bukovel" rental stations is certified and passed all the necessary service procedures and repairs. 

Club card owners enjoy additional benefits and discounts.

Rental items Outfit category 2019-2020 season price Rental tickets (preferential) Club card refillment vouchers
 12.02 - 31.08.2019 01.09 - 30.11.2019 12.02 - 31.08.2019 01.09 - 30.11.2019
Ski set (skis, boots, poles, headguard) A 430 258 301 172 215
B 270 162 189 108 135
С 170 102 119 68 85
D1 190 114 133 76 95
D2 130 78 91 52 65
Snowboard set (snowboard, boots, headguard) A 430 258 301 172 215
B 270 162 189 108 135
C 170 102 119 68 85
D1 190 114 133 76 95
D2 130 78 91 52 65
Ski helmet (mandatory) 60 36 42 24 30

The prices are given in UAH

Please note!

  • Promotional ski-passes have an option included for evening skiing.
  • Promotional ski-passes purchased with this special deal are activated on the actual date of season start and are valid for 5 seasons until completely used, except for the “Holiday” period of January 2-6.
  • This is a limited offer.


Promotional ski-passes are available exclusively online at Bukovel24.com and shop.bukovel.info

The authorization procedure in the shop has been modified, thus a good quality photograph of a buyer is now required to complete an order.  Owner's photo should be done on a white background. The face should cover no less than 70-80% of ​​a photo. Added photograph should represent owner's current appearance and be provided without retouching or other means of graphic adjustment. If you wear glasses, then they should not have darkened and/or glared lens, glass frame should not cover any part of an eye. We allow photos both uploaded from hard drives and online web-cam imported. After a shot is uploaded and authorization/payment procedures complete, your ski-pass is instantly activated. Note, that you cannot change the ownership of a promotional ski-pass.

There's a strict rule at the resort: "One person - one ski-pass card". That means ski-pass is an exclusive property of a buyer, thus they have the exclusive right to use it. Passing a ski-pass to another person is considered rascality and bad manners. In case such actions being revealed, resort administration instantly reacts by using the denial of service right. This includes ski-pass permanent blocking.

The administration carries no responsibility for any losses you take by using counterfeit or expired ski-passes! Pay attention to this if you consider buying any ski-pass of a suspicious origin.

Please note that you keep the validity of all previously issued "valid until completely used" promotional ski-passes, according to the policy of a respective special offer, without any additional photo authorization obligations!

The country of "Bukovel" welcomes you.

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