Septembrie 2016
Artek 2016 summer season has ended

Dear friends,

Summer season has ended in our children’s camp. Its success has been determined primarily by professionalism of our pedagogues, counsellors, managers and medical staff. We would like to thank all our employees, TC “Bukovel” and educational institutions, for sending their students for pedagogical practice. We would also like to express gratitude to all the friends and partners out there, for their invaluable creative contribution: Rimma Zyubina, Viktor Andrienko, Anastasia Zyurkalova, Polina Tarasenko, Damiana Ulyu, Alisa Lukshina, Leonid Shevchenko, Larisa Nitsa, Valentina Zahaburi, Nikita Kashnitsky, Alexander Iesaulov, Alexander Ousik, Konstantin Grubich, Lidia Taran, Ruslan Senichkin, Vlad Litovchenko...

For the third time, it was extremely cheerful and exciting season in Artek. Once again, we introduced our children to the unique treasures of the Ukrainian folklore, brave history of the past and, most important, the present day heroes. Vast improvements to the camp’s routine have opened new ways to perfection for our campers. Artek volunteers, representing Great Britain, Netherlands, China, Morocco and Turkey have broadened the horizon with all the variety of foreign languages and life experiences. New sporting events and mountain hikes have brought the healthy way of life in the camp to a brand new level.

Dear artekiates! Once again, it was a summer of discoveries. By visiting our camp, each of you have contributed to the big cause. Together, we make Artek what it is, what it is meant to be. Your opinion and priorities shall always be our guide in our further activity. All we want is to make your dreams come true, and we are extremely proud of your achievements!

This year we have expanded to Europe, with a fourth camp being added to the franchise. Located in a quiet alpine village, 90 kilometers far from Vienna, "Artek-Semmering" camp introduces kids to a friendly and hospitable country of Austria.

Exciting and varied, thematic Artek sessions provide a wide range of development opportunities for all the children. The activity list is a big, evolving puzzle, as we see it. With each passing season, all the puzzle pieces can be put together and the entire picture can be seen - enchanted by the magic of Carpathian nature, personal emotions, acquired skills and positive experience. We always strive to surpass everyone’s expectations!

This season, 5232 children enjoyed their sessions in Artek, representing all the regions of the country, including Donetsk, Lugansk regions and Crimea. Over 2000 children have received discounted preferential visas, sponsored by people’s deputy of Ukraine Olexander Schevchenko and Igor Palytsia's charitable foundation.

From the very beginning, “Artek-Bukovel” welcomes kids from all over the world. In 2016, children from Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, USA, France and Czech Republic have joined our big family.

As an addition to our classic touristic course, this year we have added specialized platoons to the mix: English-speaking, theatrical, cinematography and animation.

Our enthusiastic staff are always exceeding expectations and giving children such an amazing experience that they can't wait to come back! We are pleased to inform, that multiple children have visited our camp for the second, or even for the third time: 362 children in “Forest” camp, 105 kids in “Lake” camp, 57 campers in “Mountain” camp and 12 in “Semmering” camp.

Our special events were the true pearls of the season. We would like to thank all the involved organizations and people: Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and personally Eugene Nishuk, Children’s Film Festival and its honorable president Rimma Ziubina, Children’s Book Festival and our steady partner, youth writer Larisa Nitsa, TV-journalist and unparalleled cooking expert Konstantin Grubich, State Agency of Ukraine for Film Affairs, Kyiv Polish Institute and personally Olena Babiy, “Ukrainian Animated Films Studio”, “Future Project” art agency, “Baraban” animation studio, “DIGITALTRADE” and “Art House Traffic” companies.

Today, studies in schools begin and we celebrate Knowledge Day in Ukraine. We wish all the children good luck in their learning and persistence on the way to success.  Summer season is over, but we shall continue shortly with our “Carpathian Skidding” camping session. Everyone is invited to join our vivid, creative autumn holidays in Carpathians!

“Artek-Bukovel” – Grow. Explore. Discover.