Iulie 2017
English summertime in Mountain camp

77 children have arrived in Bukovel for the third session in Forest camp. For these two weeks we have an intensive language courses for them prepared, together with classic Artek recreation program.

A positive atmosphere and communication nonstop – these are main features of our friendly English-speaking circle. Unobtrusively, learning comes in the form of interactive games, sporting events, intellectuals challenges and fireside gatherings. By communicating, debating on different topics, singing songs and playing together, children are able to better memorize new vocabulary and overcome language barrier much quicker. Our campers enjoy learning in the lap of nature, as breathing fresh air increases brain potency. 

We are truly proud of children when they demonstrate phenomenal results at the end of their camping sessions. Our students are confident in their knowledge, showing a lot of promise of becoming worthy representatives of the European society.

With it's well-balanced approach to learning and active recreation, Forest camp has everything to improve children's physical conditions. Climbing courses, horseback tours, alpine park, mountain bikes, catamarans, carting center, trampolines, bikepark, swimming pool. On every step surprises await, as the marvelous Carpathians provide an unforgettable discovery experience for the curious youngsters!