Mai 2016
"Counselor School" final stage

“Artek” summer season has arrived and we continue with our "Counselor School" project!

Camp administration, supervisors, counselors, students, school teachers, after-school activity specialists - 147 persons total are being involved, united by common interests in the field of rehabilitation and recreation for kids and teenagers.

Starting February 2016, we invite students to work as counselors in “Artek Bukovel” children’s camp. We have received about a thousand application letters from candidates representing Ukraine, Poland and the Netherlands. After the first round of selection, followed by Skype-interviews, organizational and pedagogical trainings in high schools, - the most active, motivated, dedicated students and specialists were chosen for the second round.

The final stage started May 26. The main intentions for this phase were the acquisition of new and expanding existing knowledge required for professional activity in the camp; experience exchange, new ideas development, organizational and communication skills improvement; learning how to create a friendly atmosphere; meeting preconditions for the development of innovative projects, technologies and methods of educational activities.

Our basic training activities include methodological workshops and trainings, organizational, methodological, educational, business, role-playing games and exercises, psychological trainings, collective creative affairs, tests and quizzes.

Eight-day training course has been designed to precisely match the activity list for the real children’s camp. Morning exercises, music jams and dance sessions, psychological exercises, educational games, competitions, creative contests, quests, presentations, singing around the campfire, sporting activities. Everything our counselors give to children, they should experience themselves.

The final trials prepared by our team are patriotic, sporting, organizational and educational games: “Paths of Dovbush” and "Changes in Artek".

Those who manage to successfully complete the training course, shall receive a proving certificate and an invitation to work in our camp.