1 IUNIE 2017

As the last school days are gone with boring exams and homeworks, Artek spreads its arms wide open for boys and girls who have been longing for thrilling summertime adventures! The Carpathians are waiting, alluring with breathtaking alpine views, crystal clear air, freshness of rivers, springs and waterfalls: the mountainous land of Bukovel is enchanted with the magic of Nature itself.

On May 29, 429 children arrived to the camp with preferential visas, sponsored by Olexandr Schevchenko’s “New Ivano-Frankivsk” charity foundation.

On May 30, another 433 artekiates from Volynnia region joined, sponsored by Igor Palytsia’s charity foundation. Those are winners of art competitions, sporting events and top achievers in school study, honored to represent their region in the camp for their high achievements.

From the very beginning of the session, children were immediately involved into action by our attentive and talented counsellors. The marvelous land of childhood lives and prospers under the ancient Carpathian fir trees.