August 2021
Ski-pass early booking update

Dear friends!

The "early bird" ski-pass sale has come to an end, still you have the opportunity to save 20% off ski-passes and rental tickets! Do not delay, this discount is valid until the end of October!

The essence of our early booking specials remains the same: "THE EARLIER YOU BOOK, THE MORE YOU SAVE".

Plan your winter vacation now and cut your spending substantially:

  • from 01.09.2021 till 31.10.2021 the ski-pass discount will be 20% off seasonal price;
  • from 01.11.2021 till 30.11.2021 the ski-pass discount will be 15%.

Visit our online booking service Bukovel24, register and shop for skiing deals to perfectly match your winter vacation scenario!


  • new promotional ski-passes stay valid for two subsequent winter seasons;
  • keep in mind the validity period of your promotional ski-pass. Each winter season period is defined in clear-cut time frames. For example, you have a "5 days in a row" promotional "low season" ski-pass. It happens that you activate it 2 days prior to the "low season" end. In this case, you’ll not be able to spend the full value, due to another (more expensive) season period start;
  • promotional ski-passes are exclusively available from the Bukovel24 online booking system. In order to issue a promotional ski-pass, you need to go through a short authorization procedure, which includes attaching a personal photo of yours to the ski-pass being booked. Owner's photo nust be done on a clear white background. The face must cover no less than 70-80% of a photo. Added photograph must represent the owner's current appearance and be provided without retouching or other means of graphic adjustment. If you wear glasses, then they must not have darkened and/or glared lens, glass frame must not cover any part of an eye. After a shot is uploaded and authorization/payment procedures complete, your ski-pass will be instantly activated. Please note that you cannot change the ownership of a promotional ski-pass. There's a strict rule at the resort: "One person - one ski-pass". This rule defines a ski-pass card to be the exclusive property of the buyer, thus they have the exclusive right to use it. Passing a card to unauthorized persons and relatives (including any form of sale, rent or giveaway) is considered rascality and bad manners. In case such actions being revealed, the resort administration will instantly react by exercising the denial of service right. This includes ski-pass permanent blocking;
  • the resort administration carries no responsibility for any losses you take by using counterfeit or expired ski-passes! Pay attention to this if you consider buying a ski-pass of a suspicious origin;
  • please note that you keep the validity of all previously issued "valid until completely used" promotional ski-passes. You may spend them according to previously available (on the moment of purchase) policies and deals.

Welcome to "Bukovel", the Heart of the Carpathians!