Iunie 2017
Happy birthday, "Artek Bukovel"!

On June 16th we celebrate the third anniversary of our camp.

For the last three years, our camp has become home for about 15000 children from all around the world: Ukraine, Austria, Belarus, Great Britain, Israel, Canada, Lebanon, Moldova, Netherlands, Germany, Emirates, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, USA, France and Czech Republic.

We are leaders among leaders in children's recreation in our country.

During the third international children's camp festival, Artek was recognized as a winner of a prestigious "Camp of the Year" nomination.

This summer shall be highly saturated with festivals and events, with specially invited sportsmen, actors, book writers, journalists.

One of the biggest features of the camp are mountain hikes, which we include technically to every session's program. Every summer, our campers conquer the tough trials of mountains Khomiak, Bukovel, Syniak and Goverla.

The biggest introductions of the past years are Children's Cinematography School, tourist platoons; English-speaking, animation, handicraft circles; diverse gaming events.

Thematic Artek sessions provide a range of development opportunities for the kids. We want children to unleash all the imagination, creative potential and teamwork capabilities, all their knowledge to share with others. We want them to become better in foreign languages, communication and time management. Counselors and PT instructors do their best to improve the sporting and health conditions of Artek campers. We introduce them to a number of opportunities and sporting facilities so everyone may bring their physical conditioning to an edge, become even more handsome and enjoy a healthy way of life. As summer is the season when children strive to have fun, we diversify this highly saturated list of sporting activity with some versatile and top-quality leisure and entertainment!

Have a good celebration, Artekiates!

Happy birthday, "Artek-Bukovel"!