lipca 2017
Discover your true abilities!

In the depths of a Carpathian forest, in the picturesque country of Bukovel, beyond the marvelous Lake of Youth, claimed by adventurers lies territory, known as the Lake camp. Young and self-confident, Lacustrine campers are rightfully considered to be the most hardcore children in Artek. During their outings and raids to the mountains, they shape their muscles and will into steel, sharpen their senses and intellect. The principles of life-lasting friendship, mutual assistance, honesty, good sense of humor and a deeply belief in the triumph of Good over Evil - those are plain lines of their simple Code.

Artek counselors are inclined to think, that Lacustrine campers are destined this summer for the most thrilling adventures. You ask them why? The answer is because living in the camp breaks the most solid stereotypes of urban routine. Highly stimulating, healing and soothing, mountain air in Bukovel is crystal clear and infused with coniferous ethers. Dwelling in tents, in close proximity to the wild - forges bodies and souls of our children. Country studies, outdoorsman skills, touristic and basic survival, animal behavior and herbalist courses are summer's keynotes in Lake camp.

Excellent physical conditioning and stamina remain top-tier trends since the time of the Ancient Greeks. By encouraging children to go in for sports we contribute to a happy and shining future for our nation, as healthy, self-confident and handsome kids are the biggest wealth of the State. Our counselors and PT instructors do their best to introduce their students to a healthy way of life, and they have all necessary means and equipment. Morning workouts, cross-fit, swimming in the pool, bicycle, catamaran and quad-bike tours, mountain hikes, climbing classes and rope courses, darts, parkour, chess and checkers, football, artball and beach volleyball contests - this is a short list of activities prepared for the campers.

The opening session in the camp has recently become history. Lake camp has became home for 45 children from 13 regions of the country. Over the course of the session, they faced trials of the most challenging peaks in the region, including Goverla, the highest mountain in Ukraine. To strengthen children's spirit, our specially invited guest, Mykola Kashnytskyi, combat medic from the Ukrainian Voluntary Corps - introduced them to the basics of field medicine.

73 children from Ukraine and Russia have already arrived to participate in the second session of the season. And there's yet a lot to discover in the marvelous land of Childhood, as new heights await for those, who are ready! Imagine: morning sun touches the shapes of clean-cut peaks. Evening breeze brings odorous smoke from a campfire. Over the water, quiet guitar chords flow gently. Happiness is near!