lipca 2016
New sessions in “Artek Bukovel” have started

For the third session in “Forest” camp we have welcomed over 600 children from Ukraine, Slovenia and Russia. Among those are 120 children from displaced families, representing Donbass and other war-affected regions.

There are three profiled platoons in the camp. Tourist platoon campers shall attend special courses to increase their trekking mastery and outdoors skills, travel along the most popular hiking trails in our region, visiting mountains Dovga, Homyak and Goverla. English speaking platoon combines the most progressive and efficient teaching methods with top class entertainment. From the very morning till stand-down horn, children do excursions and mountain hikes, ride quad bikes and water-cycles, prepare platoon presentations, compete in erudition and outdoors skills. And all this they do in an exceptionally friendly English-speaking environment!

In “Mountain” camp, 46 children are enjoying the second thematic session - «Friends Inc.» 

Meanwhile, the fourth thematic session, “Travel Express” – has begun in “Lake” camp.

Artekiates from “Forest” and “Mountain” camps have the unique opportunity this summer – learn to produce their own short movies and cartoons. With a 13 day-lasting “Cinematography School” course, they can feel themselves like a real creators and choose from a wide array of creative professions:  scriptwriter, dresser, make-up artist, actor, film director, editor, decorator, visual effects producer. All the basics of production are included: scenario writing, screenplay editing, acting, actors casting, basics of camerawork and animations, film editing.

Exciting and varied, thematic “Artek” sessions provide a wide range of development opportunities for your kids:

Educational and personality-development courses. We want children to unleash all the imagination, creative potential and teamwork capabilities, all their knowledge to share with others. We want them to become better in foreign languages, communications and time management. Those who think about their future early and work hard- will succeed in life, become reliable citizens and true patriots of the State.

Challenges, courses, disputes, educational and role-playing games, workshops and quests in many fields: IQ, erudition, art and literature, business and career, country-studies, outdoors skills, leadership and teambuilding, cooking etc.

Creativity contests in drawing, dancing, vocals, music instruments playing, poetry, acting and reciting. Charitable events and cleanings of the camp.

Sporting events, entertainment and recreation. Our counselors and PT instructors do their best to improve the sporting and health conditions of your children. Having nearly all the sporting facilities of TC "Bukovel" in our disposal, we want our campers to possess a healthy spirit in a healthy body.

As summer is the season when children strive to have fun, we diversify this highly saturated list of sporting activity with some versatile and top-quality leisure and entertainment: everyday meetings and dating events, flash mobs and video conferences; thematic parties, music jams and discos; photo-quests, photo-sessions and social media events; readings and movie showtimes.

“Artek” heritage and traditions. We strongly believe that small symbolic things do matter. Every member of our big family shall be introduced to the history of the camp, as well as traditional campfire songs, chants, slogans and roundelay folk dances – from the very start of the session. From long ago, fireplace symbolized friendship, hope, mutual care and unity. Campfire has become one of the central symbolic figures in the “Artek” movement, thus campfire gatherings are the main feature of our camp’s brand.