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"Artek-Bukovel" psychological service

As the famous pedagogue Sukhomlynsky said, children must live in a world of beauty, games, fairy tales, music, painting, fantasy and creativity. Such a world we reveal before our youngsters at Bukovel, capable of filling childish hearts with excitement and joy, a world where new talents are discovered and self-confidence is born. A world of empathy, tolerance and friendship. 

Though camp sessions are short, they leave strong influence of a personality of each camper and they gladly share their emotions when completing psychology service quizzes.  Therefore, we have access to the most precise information regarding happiness level and children's expectations and we use it for further improvements of our work. The acquired results allow to analyze the dynamics of data, determine the interests and inclinations of our campers.

For every child, visiting summer camps has a huge impact on personality, as children find themselves in a completely different environment, their life values and interests change, they receive a new vision of the world, own possibilities, ways to self-improvement. In the camp we stimulate children to develop and improve their personalities.

Adaptation process is complex and many factors are individual for every child, but it's normal for children to feel uncertain, unconfident, discomfort, so to say fear to open themselves to a new environment. These feelings are twice as strong if a child visits a camp for the first time.

The mission of our psychological service is to create favorable conditions for comfortable adaptation, so out campers may unleash their full potential. During our lectures and classes, we contribute to overall psychological atmosphere in the camp, provide individual consultations to counselors, parents  and their children.

We are open to everyone. The happiness and comfort of your children are our top priority!