czerwca 2017
Events in "Artek-Bukovel"

Session Two. "Happy Birthday, Artek-Bukovel"!
June 16 – June 29

Experience a joyful and adventurous educational course, promising new discoveries, unresolved puzzles and untold secrets, with our wise counselors and specially invited book writers to assist you on your way to the highest mysteries of Knowledge! Join a vivid Constitution Day flash mob and leadership courses, learn more about patriotism, citizenship and related responsibilities. The annual celebrations of Artek's Day is another highlight for this session, adding new interesting events and amusements to this already colorful and highly-saturated palette.

Special event - IV International Children's Art Contest, Bukovel Star Fest (June 14-17).

Guests: Olexandr Pavlik, Ivanna Reshko, Kateryna Davydenko, Mykyta Kashynskiy.

Session Three. Xtreme & Creativity.
June 30th – July 13th

With your fellow Foresters, bring your skills, talents and motivation to a test, as there is much to be done and learned for your future professional growth. Expand your knowledge in the familiar fields of activity, share it with others! With modern, memorable personality development courses, teambuilding events and interesting platoon-specific activities (English-speaking and mountain-hiking platoons), in only 14 days - you shall be able to demonstrate and further improve your stronger sides and inclinations. Curiosity, self-confidence and hard work are the keys to your future success!

Artek-Semmering. From Carpathians to Alps.
June 30 - July 13

Summer is a perfect moment for travels. How about something unusual? We're going to have an expedition! Go ahead, plan a route, name your ship and set sail! Who will prove himself to be the best captain? Best crew member? Best navigator? Join us and we will see. Use all your will and motivation, all erudition and cunning, all your skills in foreign languages. One more thing, don't you know, what is the main thing about naval expeditions? That's right, treasures! Keep your eyes open, don't sit back, as crews of the other ships are not going to let you take the primacy in the competition that easily!

Session Four. Ukraine is my Country!
July 14–27

Love to Motherland comes in many different forms. In July, among the sky-reaching Carpathian fir trees in Bukovel, loud and confident chants can be heard, as Artekiates proudly state their love and devotion to their home country, Ukraine. Although the camp represents only a small amount of all beauties and wonders of our Land, Artek counselors are the living examples of patriotism and noble vital values, ready to share their knowledge in history, country-studies and folklore with all the campers, contributing to the brighter future of our State.

Special event - II international Children's Book Festival (July 19-23).

Special guests: Larysa Nitsoy, Liubov Viduta, Elina Zarzhytska, Galyna Malyk, Zirka Menzatiuk.

"Fort-Bukovel" questing marathon. Solve riddles, overcome obstacles, collect keys to open a chest with the main prize! Only the most cunning and courageous shall prevail!

Chapter Five. Art Palette.
July 28th  – August 10th

Active recreation, diverse sightseeing, teamwork, self-fulfillment - this is all possible for your youngsters in the Forest camp. An individual combination of feelings, dreams, interests, desires and inclinations makes every child a unique, inimitable personality. Focused on their imagination and talents, whatever they are, children shall be assisted with invited figures of culture and show-biz, on their way to big future debuts.

Special event - II International Children's Film Festival (August 6-8).

English-speaking circle. By communicating, debating on different topics, singing songs and playing together, children are able to better memorize new vocabulary and overcome language barrier much quicker. Our campers enjoy learning in the lap of nature, as breathing fresh air increases brain potency.

Chapter Six. Healthy Kids = Healthy Nation!
August 11–24

Strong health is the biggest fashion trend, and healthy, self-confident, handsome kids are the biggest wealth of the State. By encouraging our campers to go in for sports, we contribute to a happy and shining future for our nation. Artek counselors and PT instructors do their best to introduce their students to a healthy way of life, and they have all necessary means and equipment. Morning workouts, swimming in the pool, bicycle, catamaran and quad-bike trips, mountain hikes, healthy nutrition lectures, climbing classes and rope courses - this is a short list of activities prepared. The main notion of this session is to teach children how to care about health, tell them of the advantages of being positive-minded and well-fit.

Special event - "Tasty Cuisine" cooking show with Konstiantin Grubych (August 14-16).