czerwca 2017
Mykyta Kashnytskiy in "Artek-Bukovel"

Mykyta Kashnytskiy, children's writer, field medic, jurist and patriot - couldn't stand aside when hard times began for our country. After the events of Maydan he continued his noble cause in "Aidar" voluntary battalion during the fierce war conflict in Donbass. For the needs of Ukrainian field medicine, he created and issued the first in the country in-depth first aid handbook, fully compatible with NATO standards.

His journey as a writer began after the birth of his son, as worthy children's literature in Ukrainian was nowhere to be found after the breakup of the Soviet Union. His debut piece was the only Ukrainian book, presented on the "Post-Soviet grounds through the prism of youth literature" conference in France.

In 2015, "Courage Lessons", the book of his life, came out, based on his own life experience. It calls for consolidation of the Ukrainian society, fighting hostility and aggression and contributes valuably to the noble cause of upbringing the next generation's patriots of the State.

In 2017, "ATO Tales" storybook was published, written in collaboration with Volodymyr Bulba. These are true people's destinies and war experiences, seen and put to the note during the conflict in the eastern Ukraine.

For his active public position and worthy example of courage and strength, Mykyta was recognized as an Honorable Artekiate in 2016.