lipca 2016
“Artek” Counsellor Day

June 24 – “Artek” Counsellor Day.

All “Artek”, counsellors are strongly dedicated to their job. Each of them is a unique personality, capable of delivering positive emotions, inspiring, sharing kindness and compassion, leading children to victories and resolving hardships. Together with their children they go in for sports and mountain hikes, prepare artistic performances and have leisure. Always on the positive side, always enthusiastic, cheerful and sincere, they are always near to give useful advices, share energy and happiness, provide support and inspiration. Every single counsellor in our camp has passed all the necessary pedagogical courses and trainings and proved he is worthy enough to be an “Artek” counsellor.

On June 24, 1927, counsellor’s office was officially recognized in “Artek” and at the state level.

There are 70 counsellors in “Artek Bukovel” at the time. All the head counsellors of the four camps have an experience of working for the Crimean “Artek”. Many of our counsellors remember being campers in Crimea. We give you a small piece of their memories and impressions:

“Though we were the oldest children in our platoon, this did not prevent us from learning a lot. We were not afraid to be funny, to be active and creative, to celebrate life. Our counsellor, Olena Balanovska, was the restless inspirator of our activity.”

Iryna Khmelnytska, deputy director, “Artek Semmering” camp.

“I have visited “River”, “Amber” and “Field” camps. Seaside scenery and caring attitude provide soul-healing effect to counsellors as well. This healing symbiosis with children is the most precious thing, as it enlightens the minds of both kids and adults. Not only “Artek” counsellors truly believe in miracles, they make miracles happen.”

Svitlana Goncharova, artistic director, “Forest” camp.

“We were 11 years old, me and my sister, when we first visited “Cypress” camp. Though it was a full month session, it ended so quickly. For 5 times we visited "Artek" camps, and every time it was a different experience. We have discovered our new talents, became more responsible. Day by day, we fell in love with “Artek” and thence it was our sincere dream to return to the camp as counsellors. Many years have passed, and here we are, counsellors in Artek-Bukovel!”

Snizhana Tudan, Bohdana Tudan, counsellors, “Forest” camp.

“Maria Metelytsia and Andriy Dovzhenko were our counsellors in “Crystal” camp in 2008. They were so dedicated to their job, so sincere, so positive and talented. They inspired us so much. We were close friends. In my opinion, only highly dedicated and responsible person is suitable for the job. One, who dislikes children, will never become a good counsellor.”

Ilona Bezkorovaina, counsellor, “Artek Semmering” camp.

Nothing, that suddenly changes our lives, is a coincidence. I realized this, when I first came to “Artek” and now this is the backbone of my life perception. During my second visit, I finally decided about my life priorities and my future job. After I got the job in “Artek Bukovel”, my childhood dream had become reality. “Artek" is the place where everyone finds his purpose, becomes a better person, unleashes his creative and intellectual potential. When you return home, you are never the same. My sincerest gratitude to our elder counsellor, Arthur Proidakov (2011 "Artek" session), for our childish impressions and invaluable experience!”

Anastasia Tymoshenko, English tutor, “Mountain” camp.

Until now, I can clearly remember our happy times on the Crimean seaside. My “Artek” experiences as a child were so few. As I was already 16 when I first visited “Cypress” camp, this was the first and last session for me. When it ended, I gave an oath that I will return as a counsellor. 4 year have passed, and here I am, working for “Artek Bukovel.”

Olexandra Baranovska, counsellor, “Lake” camp.

Camp administration sincerely greets all the counsellors. We wish them more inspiration, more charisma, more grateful, rewarding smiles of “Artek” children!