lipca 2017
Lebanon delegacy in Artek

Once again, this summer Artek is welcoming children representing all the regions of country, including Crimea and Donbass region. Moreover, the camp is also popular amongst the youth from foreign countries: Austria, Belarus, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Canada, Lebanon, Moldova, Netherlands, Germany, UAE, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, USA, France and Czech Republic.  The most pleasant fact is that some campers are already familiar with Artek, visiting it for the second or even third time.

On May 30, a big delegation from Lebanon arrived - 23 children and 2 counselors. This is for the first time that such a big foreign group visits the camp. With the support of the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine to the Lebanese Republic, Mr. Ostash and his wife, this meeting has finally became possible. Sure, the idea of the trip was not spontaneous and required preparation, as the Ukrainian diaspora in this small eastern country has been arranging this visit for a couple of years.

Lebanese children eagerly participate in every Artek event. The most responsibility they feel for the approaching Artek Lebanon Day, a possibility to introduce their peers to the culture and tradition of their Motherland. This trip has become a real surprise, but also a great trial, as most of the children face the new cultural environment for the first time, which is twice more complicated due to unfamiliar mentality, schedule of the camp and language barrier.

Still, this is a chance for children to see modern Ukraine and this chance they gladly accept. We are proud to welcome Lebanese children in our camp and hope that our geographical boundaries will further expand.

With the support of the Ukrainian embassy in Lebanon, the trip is being highlighted by NNA info agency.