czerwca 2017
Artek team

Summer is here and youthful laughter once again can be heard springing through Bukovel valleys. That means our counselors are prepped and ready to work and Artek children - for their summer holidays and adventures.

The preparation for the current season started as far as last summer. You ask why? Why should we do this? The answer is we like to contemplate. All this time we've spent analyzing, comparing, systematizing, celebrating success, planning, designing and innovating. Processing information and writing reports. In a word, we do this because we like to reflect on our faults and victories.

As autumn came, we began to further improve the class of our personnel, as the new Counselor School program stage started in October 2017. Over 300 students from nine partner colleges and universities have arrived for qualifier rounds and another 150 volunteers from all over Ukraine - competed through individual ranking system. Finally, 130 students were chosen to came to Artek and participate in the final selection round, representing 27 universities and 3 colleges from 15 regions of the country.

Another big step was Corporate University project on May 1-9. With the creation of the friendly, highly creative environment for our trainees to elaborate their skills and traits, future camp directors, head's assistants, methodists, psychologists, counselors experienced an intensive motivation boost and significant knowledge improvement, discovering new pedagogical ways and innovative practice methods. Everyone had an opportunity to learn and share knowledge.

Newly designed Artek activity list was discussed and tested. Those new activities are about to appear in the session schedules as soon as this summer. 
Counselor School 2017 has proven that Artek team truly is a team of success. Together we are strong and free not only to preserve the existing tradition, but also to write the new history chapter of our camp. Only hard working people are destined for successful careers!

We are Team. We enjoy working together!