czerwca 2016
The opening «Artek-Bukovel» camping session is on!

For this opening session we have welcomed 178 children with normal visas and 502 campers with preferential (low cost) visas.

This year, we celebrate the second anniversary of “Artek-Bukovel” and the 91st anniversary of “Artek” movement. According to the session program, we’re going to involve our children and counselors into competition within the Second Youth International Festival and “Bukovel All-Stars” events.

Thematic “Artek” sessions provide a wide range of development opportunities for your kids:

Educational and personality-development courses. We want children to unleash all the creative potential and teamwork capabilities, all their knowledge to share with others. We want them to become true patriots of the State.

Sporting events and recreation. Our counselors and PT instructors do their best to improve the sporting and health conditions of your children. Healthy and active entertainment is also included. We want our campers to possess healthy spirit in a healthy body.

Artek traditions. We strongly believe that small symbolic things do matter. Every member of our big family is introduced to traditional campfire songs, chants, slogans and roundelay folk dances – from the very start of the session. From long ago, fireplace symbolized friendship, hope, mutual care and unity. Campfire has become one of the central symbolic figures in the “Artek” movement and campfire gatherings are the main feature of our camp’s brand.

"Artek - Bukovel" -  Grow. Explore. Discover.