listopada 2014
Discount offer "Extra Days"

Special offer «Extra Days» is the best chance to save on your skiing.

The core of the offer is simple – purchase your skipass for 5 days “All Days” during September-November 2014 and get the present – option of the 7 days “All Days” skiing.

Likewise, when you purchase a skipass for 10 days “All Days” skiing, you get the present – 14 days “All Days” skiing.

Hurry up! Offer is valid only till November end 2014!

Skipass TypeWinter prices 14-15, UAH"Extra Days" campaign
Additional skiing days as a present
September 15 - November 30 2014
Work for  All days except for
Holiday period 1-6 January
  All days except for
Holiday period 1-6 January
3 days1275
5 days1 9955+2 days1995
10 days3 55010+4 days3550

N.B. Discount skipasses work within the prepaid period “All Days” and are valid until complete use. Option of evening skiing is included as well.

Pay less - ski more.

Country of "Bukovel" welcomes you