"All at Once"


"All at Once" is the best offer for those willing to get maximum winter experience, for an affordable price.

Book promotional ski-passes now, save 60% off season rates!

“All at Once” ski-passes are only valid during these two periods:

1) from the season start till January 1st.

2) from March 10th till the season end.

Historically, snow conditions have been favourable for skiers in early and late seasons in Bukovel. If needed, we compensate the lack of natural snowing with the latest snow-making and snow-grooming machinery.

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Starting September 15, TC "Bukovel" ski-passes available several times cheaper, compared to the standard price. This offer is valid through November 30. Note, that the most benefitable discounts are available through October 31 only!

Please note!!!

Night-time skiing is included for these promotional ski-passes.

One rider - one ski-pass card. This means ski-pass is a property of the buyer, and he has the sole right to use it. Passing a ski-pass to another person through the loading zone fencing is considered rascality and bad manners. In such cases, resort administration has the denial of service right. This includes ski-pass blocking.

This is a limited offer.

Promotional ski-passes are active until completely used. They are valid during both current and further seasons, from the season start till January 1st  and from March 10th  till the season end.


  "All at Once" discounts
(bookable 15.09 - 31.10)
 "All at Once" discounts
(bookable 01.11 - 30.11)

3 days

2960 1245

2960 1305

5 days

4 675 1965

4 675 2065

10 days

8 310 3490

8 310 3665