Welcome to a new extreme attraction at "Bukovel" resort!

Meet "SHERP", a highly advanced ATV unit, which has no analogues in the world in terms of capability and characteristics.

Incredible features:

  • maximum speed - 35 km/h;
  • capable of overcoming the slope with a gradient of 45 degrees, 1 meter height;
  • incredibly easily overcomes obstacles like stone, sand, snow debrees, fallen trees, ice;
  • can float and cross water obstacles, even in winter.

Even this short list is impressive, and "SHERP" has dozens of tricks in the sleeve!

Tour rates:

1 person - 1000 UAH

2 people - 1400 UAH

3 people - 2100 UAH

4 people - 2800 UAH

Temporarily unavailable!

Operation hours
  • Mo-Fr -
  • Sa-Su -