Explore the depths of the “Fifth Ocean”, as sky is commonly referred to. Be among chosen to pass the initiation of flying, learn the secrets known by few, experience the feeling of happiness that flight gives to any living being and touch the elusive strings which connect us with the Eternal.

Aeronautics, or hot air ballooning is a sport incomparable to others, as it grants truly unspeakable experience. Neither photos, nor videos are able to fully display the emotions of happiness and spiritual enlightenment. The only way is to enter the basket by yourself, to see the land from the bird’s eye view, feel the heat coming from the burner and give up to the feeling of freedom amongst the clear blue sky.

The flight will last for 8-10 minutes with passengers reaching the height of 40-50 meters. The standard capacity of the basket is 4 passengers plus 1 pilot.

The height of the balloon reaches 23 meters; ballonet itself is capable of containing 3 thousand cubic meters of gas, reaching 19 meters in diameter.

Service is available subject to favorable weather conditions.

Hours of availability: 1pm – 7pm daily.

For your own convenience, please contact us by calling the number below to make a reservation: 097-140-23-63

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