Introduce your kids to the fun of wintersports: alpine ski coaching plus interesting leisure, provided by Bukovel Ski School and "Artek-Bukovel" children's camp.

While your kids are busy with their courses – you enjoy the slopes and the venues!

Benefits for your children:

  • Skiing, skating, snowtubing sessions, combined with excited indoor activities;
  • New friends;
  • Qualified instructors;
  • Meals included;

By age, children are split into three platoons:

  • Aged 6 - 7;
  • Aged 8 -12;
  • Aged 13 -16.

In a word, our campers do what all kids are supposed to do at Bukovel: have fun and improve skiing techniques, being withal properly coached and supervised.

Winter camp checklist (outdoor):

  • Boots;
  • Ski suite;
  • Ski gear;
  • Helmet;
  • Ski gloves;
  • Ski mask (weather dependent);
  • Sunscreenand lip balm;

Winter camp checklist (indoor):

  • Spare clothes (thermal underwear);
  • Spare pair of socks.

Please adhere to the social distancing rule! The minimum distance is 1.5 meters.

Available during winter seasons!

Operation hours
  • Mo-Fr -
  • Sa-Su -