«Sweet couple in a tent» + «Bukovel»

A hike to the Carpathians w/ accommodation in a tent: Kvasy - Petros - Hoverla + folk-park "Hutsul Land" + "Voda club" (4 days / 3 nights); 2 nights - tent, 1 night - hotel.

Duration: 4 days / 3 nights
Accommodation: 2 nights in a tent, 1 night in a hotel

Tour schedule:


Accommodation: tent.

  • transfer: Ivano-Frankivsk / "Bukovel" - Kvasy;
  • trekking to the foot of mt. Petros.


Accommodation: tent.

  • climbing mt. Petros (2020 m).


Accommodation: hotel.


The tour price includes:

  • accommodation in a hotel of the chosen category (1 night);
  • accommodation in a tent (2 nights);
  • catering: breakfast, dinner, afternoon snack;
  • guide support;
  • rescue service notification / tickets to the natural reserve;
  • entry ticket to the "Hutsul Land" folk-park;
  • transfers: "Bukovel" - Kvasy, "Zarosliak" - "Bukovel";
  • entry tickets to «VODA CLUB».

Additional services:

  • transfer Ivano-Frankivsk - "Bukovel" - Ivano-Frankivsk.

Tour highlights:

What we offer is a three-day hike with two solid achievements - the peaks of Hoverla (2061) and Petros (2020). The program of the tour is not considered difficult, however, you'll still have to sweat a bit. This route is one of the most popular, still rather exciting. You also have the opportunity to choose the most convenient option for you: take a route through Lazeshchyna, and the second route starts in Kvasy or Yasinia. It'll be an unforgettable experience, full of positive emotions and a new level of physical fitness.

Full description:

day 1: "Bukovel" - Kvasy - foot of mt. Petros

Having our backpacks packed and good mood ready, we hit the road from TC "Bukovel" heading to the starting point of the route. The tour starts in the vibrant village of Kvasy, boasting a natural source of mineral water. Moving up through the picturesque beech forest we find ourselves in the Menchul meadow, then set up tents for the first night. From an altitude of 1200 m above the sea level we'll enjoy the views of the Svydovets ridge and the valley of the river Chorna Tysa. In our encampment we will meet an incredible sunset, having an option of visiting local shepherds for fresh milk.

*if needeed, the option is available to join the group in Ivano-Frankivsk.

day 2: climbing mt. Petros

Our next objective is reaching the top of one of the Ukraine's highest mountains - Petros. The traverse will run through the meadows first, then through the ridge, with fascinating landscapes accompanying us all the way. During the stop on Petros we will have the opportunity to take memorable photos and have a snack. From the Petros' very top we will enjoy a spectacular view of the Chornohora ridge, topped by the big jewel - mt. Hoverla. The highest peak of Ukraine seems close (9 km) and that will be our next goal. We'll make a small descent and set up tents on the shoulder between the two peaks. If we are lucky enough, we will be able to savour some blueberry. 

day 3: climbing mt. Hoverla

On this big day we will climb Hoverla. Do not worry, the climb itself won't be too difficult. Be prepared for being not be the only visitors: the mountain top will be crowded. We will stay for about half an hour, admiring the surrounding panoramic beauties. Even higher Romanian Carpathians may be visible on the horizon. Then we move down the slope heading to the training camp "Zarosliak", from which the bus will take us to TC "Bukovel". We will be accommodated in a hotel and enjoy the long-awaited 3-hour visit to "VODA club". 

day 4: folk-park "Hutsul Land" 

This is the day to chill at the resort, slowly enjoying life and savoring local delights in your favorite restaurants. Last, not least, we offer to conclude this trip by visiting the "Hutsul Land" folk-park.

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