«Bukovel» + «Mountains and Meadows»

A hike to the Carpathians w/ accommodation in a tent: Zhenetskyi Huk - Khomiak - Syniak - Malyi Gorgan - Blazhiv + folk-park "Hutsul Land" + "VODA club" (4 days / 3 nights); 1 night - hotel, 2 nights - tent

Tour schedule:

DAY 1 

Accommodation: hotel.

DAY 2 

Accommodation: tent.

  • transfer: "Bukovel" / Ivano-Frankivsk - Mykulychyn;
  • trekking: Zhenetskyi Huk - Khomiak mountain meadow - mt. Khomiak (1542 m).

DAY 3 

Accommodation: tent.

  • trekking: Khomiak (1542 m) - Syniak (1665 m) - Malyi Gorgan (1592 m) - Blazhiv mountain meadow.

DAY 4 

  • trekking: Blazhiv mountain meadow - TC "Bukovel".

The tour price includes:

  • accommodation in a hotel of the chosen category (1 night);
  • accommodation in a tent (2 nights);
  • catering: breakfast, dinner, afternoon snack;
  • guide support;
  • rescue service notification / tickets to the natural reserve;
  • entry ticket to the "Hutsul Land" folk-park;
  • transfer: «Bukovel» – starting point;
  • entry tickets to «VODA CLUB».

Additional services:

  • transfer Ivano-Frankivsk - "Bukovel" - Ivano-Frankivsk.

Full description:

day 1: rest, folk-park "Hutsul Land", «VODA CLUB»

Free time, visiting the "Hutsul Land" folk-park and "VODA CLUB".

day 2: Zhenetskyi Huk - Khomiak mountain meadow - mt. Khomiak (1542 m)

After meeting and getting acquainted, we take a bus towards the starting point of the route, which is located near the Zhenetsky Huk waterfall. Here we will make a short stop to admire the vibrant stream and take some photos. Then we follow a steep forest path up to the Khomiak meadow. We will set up a tent camp on a wide meadow, closer to mt. Khomiak, and have a snack. If the meadow is crowded, we will stop at the Barania meadow instead. In the afternoon we go to the top of the mt. Khomiak. The ascent is quite steep and rocky and will run through alpine fir thickets. Reigning at the top is a three-meter sculpture of Mother Mary. And also from the top the bigger mountain ridges and the real Carpathian giants - Hoverla and Petros are perfectly visible. After enjoying the mountain scenery, we return to the camp and enjoy our meal under the starry sky.

day 3: Khomiak (1542 m) - Syniak (1665 m) - Malyi Gorgan (1592 m) - Blazhiv mountain meadow

We wake up at dawn to meet the first rays of the sun - it will be impressive! After breakfast we pack our tents and hurry to the top of Syniak. The trail here is typical for Gorgany: richly paved with mossy stones. We have our lunch on the mountain, contemplating the unique scenery. We then relocate to mt. Malyi Gorgan - the second peak for today! During the descent, be careful and attentive: the slope is quite steep. The camp for the night we set on the picturesque Blazhiv meadow. After visiting three Carpathian peaks in two days, tired but happy, we take a rest. 

day 4: Blazhiv mountain meadow - TC "Bukovel"

With a sense of completing our duty and full of enthusiasm, we descend into the Vilshanets valley and move along the shore of the stream in the direction of "Bukovel".

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