«VODA club»

This summer VODA club welcomes to chill at country’s uttermost mountain lake beaches: 900 meters above the sea level, crystal clear air, infused with evergreen pin tree needle scent: everything is right for a perfect retreat!

Our annual season-launching event is a pompous opening of the concert season, as everyone willing to celebrate rallies to Bukovel for a huge party.

During daytime, we offer various amusements for adults and children alike, while evenings being usually reserved for live acts by our specially invited performers. 

Tan in the sun and relax

Over 1000 comfortable sunbeds, VIP-bungalows, lounge chairs and sofas, capable of accommodating even larger companies of friends. It’s up to you to choose from a cascade of different terraces:


  • Major Terrace (along the big pool and the Lake of Youth shore);
  • Johnnie Walker’s Sunken Terrace (amidst the lake);
  • Waterpark Terrace (amidst the lake);
  • VIP-zone (sofa-furnished bungalows);
  • Jack Honey Terrace (2nd floor, tented);
  • Finlandia Terrace (3rd floor open deck with alfresco Jacuzzis);
  • Kids Paradise terrace, for our youngest guests and their parents.


  • 1st floor panoramic terrace. Despite being usually crowded, it maintains a feeling of tranquility and coziness;
  • 2nd floor relax zone. Furnished with sofas, it allows visitors to enjoy a more quiet environment and have a break from the hassle.

Chill in the pools and have fun

  • All-season heated pool: 1,5 meters depth, water temperature 28°C;
  • Heated pool on a sunken terrace: 1,5 meters depth, water temperature 26°C;
  • Coldwater chilling pool: 1,2 meters depth, water temperature 10-12°C;
  • Kids Paradise, a detached terrace, designed especially for children: shallow heated pool 40-80cm in depth, water temperature 28°C. It has water slides, waterpark amusements and children’s playground;
  • Pontoon-mounted shallow lakewater pool;
  • 10 alfresco Jacuzzis, water temperature 32-36°C;
  • Inflatable water park zone in the middle of the lake.

Refresh and energize yourself with premium meals and drinks

  • 8 bars, scattered across the complex;
  • Satisfying hookahs and cocktails;
  • "Osteria Italiana", a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant offering Italian breakfasts, wood-fired pizzas, traditional pasta and sauces, classic antipasti snacks, other culinary delights representing different regions of Italy;
  • Restaurant terrace with stunning mountain views.

VODA club’s nightlife

All summer long, on Fridays and Saturdays, we have live acts by domestic and foreign showbiz celebrities on VODA club’s unique sunken stage. Evening shows are followed by hot dance events with starry DJ appearances. Nightly, VODA is capable of comfortly accommodating up to 1500 party-goers.

Since the moment of opening, the club has welcomed a constellation of renowned artists: Jamala, Ivan Dorn, ONUKA, Dan Balan, MONATIK, Quest Pistols Club Show, Tina Karol, Olya Poliakova, Alekseev, DZIDZIO, Max Barskih, Alyosha, NuAngels, Oleh Vynnyk, Gribi, The Hardkiss and S.K.A.I.

VODA club’s DJ booth has already seen performances by DJ’s Light, Lutique, Mal Yar, not to mention Kiss FM’s deejay residents – Maniak and Tommy Lee.

Thanks to its unique location amidst the picturesque mountains, higher level of service, sufficient technical equipment and experienced personnel, VODA club is a suitable place to book for a wedding ceremony, corporate or private events, regardless of the season!

Prices: «voda club»

Services Entry fee, UAH
04.06.2021 - 30.09.2021
Mo-Fr Sa-Su
Standard sunbed entry* 550 650
JW Terrace lounge entry (up to 4 persons)* 2200 2600
JW Terrace bungalow entry (up to 4 persons)* 2750 3250
Jack Honey Terrace bungalow entry (up to 4 persons)* 2200 2600
Finlandia Terrace lounge entry (up to 4 persons)* 1650 1950
Finlandia Terrace bungalow entry (up to 4 persons)* 2200 2600
Kid's Paradise lounge entry (up to 4 persons)* 2200 2600
Kid's Paradise bungalow entry (up to 4 persons)* 2750 3000
VIP-bungalow entry (up to 4 persons)*
+bottle of Prosecco & fruit plateau complimentary
4000 4500
"Eve relax" special** 200 250
"Early bird" special*** 350 400
Free entry for kids under 5
Free towel and locker rent for all types of sunbeds

* -  the offer is valid daily from 08:00 till 19:00.
** - the offer is valid daily from 08:00 till 11:00. The price includes accommodation on a "Standard" sunbed.
*** - the offer is valid daily from 19:30 till 00:00. The price includes free access to all "VODA" services except for beach zone.
The administration reserves the right to revise the given rates.

SPA services Duration, min Price, UAH
Relax 60 1455
Standard 60 1455
Lymph drainage 60 1455
Sporting 60 1655
Anti cellulite 60 1655
Back massage 30 995
Foot massage 30 795
Children's 30 795
Neck and head 30 795
Stone massage 75 1755
Sea salt 35 795
Coffee 35 795

Operation hours
  • weekdays Mo-Fr 08:00 - 00:00
  • weekends Sa-Su 08:00 - 00:00