Rafting is a recreation outdoor activity which uses inflatable boats, rafts and catamarans, to navigate down the mountain river.

Commercial rafting requires nearly no special skills, it is not physically difficult (easier than a hiking tour to Hoverla). Not necessary to be good at swimming. Thanks to the wet suit you are not cold even in the coldest time of the year. The theoretical possibility of getting injured is less than when riding a bike. Children aged 10 years and above can raft, if accompanied by adults.

Rafting on the Cheremosh river in Verkhovyna is both a highly extreme and safe recreation in Carpathains. During the journey, you will face the rapids of the Black Cheremosh, improve your paddling skills and learn how to maneuver through water obstacles. Imagine, how you rapidly flow with a stream and huge waves reach your head and above, and the raft wobbles on the rough ridges. It is like a drug, try it once and you will surely return for more.

Join for an exciting adventure, test yourself in the new, challenging environment and get unforgettable impressions! The beauty of the surrounding nature is just stunning, and not only teamwork experience you will earn, but also great photos and…corns from your paddles.

Rafting season usually starts mid-April and last till late autumn. Weather conditions highly affect the water level in Cheremosh, therefore it is better to contact us first and make sure that service is available, even during the season.

Operation hours
  • weekdays Mo-Fr 08:00 - 20:00
  • weekends Sa-Su 08:00 - 20:00