Hiking / Trekking

Hiking (trekking) is walking the specially designated trail for recreational purposes, contemporary and highly attended form of tourism.

Marked trails allow to choose the duration and complexity of the walk, thus the assistance of specially trained personnel and guides is never required.

TC "Bukovel" hiking trails

As of mid-June 2016 there are 5 walking trails designed and prepared in the region. The trail count is expected to increase to 9 by the end of July.

Most trails are marked-up on the territory of "Gorgany" natural reserve.

The distinctive features of our region are high gradient slopes. Due to moderately warm climate conditions in Carpathians, there are high-moisture areas during the most of summer.

The full length routes are recommended only for those with trekking experience.  


  • trekking routes can all be completed in both directions.
  • some of the routes are Scandinavian run friendly. 
  • our routes can be combined, or completed partially.
  • our routes can be combined with other official hiking trails (national protected zone routes are marked and mapped, as indicated in printed media).
  • there is no risk of meeting wild animals on the route (bears, wolves). No mosquitoes.
  • all routes are being observed and put under protection. All violations are prosecuted in accordance to the Ukrainian Law.

Read a detailed trail description on bukovel.com or our Facebook 


  • complete the trails partially if you don't have trekking experience; 
  • use maps, compasses and GPS-navigators;
  • study the full route "thread" and slopes’ gradients. The sober assessment of your capabilities and timeframe is important;
  • use trekking poles;
  • use trekking footwear;
  • use raincoats and other waterproof equipment;
  • bring drinking water and snacks;
  • bring trash bags;
  • know the phone numbers of the TC "Bukovel" rescue services;


  • don’t litter the trails and surrounding areas;
  • cause no damage to signs, markings and information stands;
  • don’t cause any damage to the environment (trees, soil, rivers and lakes);
  • don’t cook on the open fire. Touristic gas burners are allowed though;
  • make no respite stops in the places not equipped for;
  • use no vehicles, except for authorized ones;
  • don’t take any alternative routes;

Trail maps

Operation hours
  • weekdays Mo-Fr 08:00 - 20:00
  • weekends Sa-Su 08:00 - 20:00