April 2018
Artek spring session announced!

Artek spring session announced!

Spring session: Together Again! (April 27 – May 5)

Tired of waiting for summer vacations? Feeling like you want them to happen right now? There is a way! Spring is here and "Artek-Bukovel" children’s camp is opening the doors for those who just can’t wait any longer. Tired of those boring lessons at school? Meet you new friends and dive into a mega-positive maelstrom of leisure and entertainment. Discover your true inclinations, whether you want to become a dancing star, or an outstanding sportsman, or a sharp-minded intellectual person. A week of fantastic emotions and discoveries in a marvelous Carpathian mountain setting, brought to you by the Ukraine’s finest alpine resort! Make your step into the world of "Artek"!

Scheduled events:

general: labyrinth-quest, platoon presentations, instagram-challenges, art meetings, erudition challenge, sporting events, musical ring, hobby clubs, mass events and flashmobs, folk party, singing contest, "Artek" record book presentation;

platoons: seesaw discussions, teambuilding events, storytelling and gaming.

Join the big "Artek-Bukovel" family!

Bookings is now!