July 2019
«Artek-Bukovel» sports festival

As an old saying puts it, a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. We’re living in 21st century and we choose to go in for sports! Those who are about to cross the threshold of the successful adult life believe in one simple thing: only being in a perfect physical shape will allow working in the desired field and confidently making one’s way to recognition.

"Artek-Bukovel" kindly welcomes children to participate in our annual sporting marathon entitled "On the way to Olympic records". Healthy way of live has already become one of the modern youth’s biggest trends. On the course of the current camping session, renowned athletes will appear at the resort, those who achieved remarkable results and are ready to share their experience.

Artekiates will have an opportunity to ask their questions while taking some photos and autographs. Another special project entitled “Bukovelian records” has been scheduled to start on August 1st. What will happen is a series of contests in football and artball promising fierce competition and intrigue. We are already excited to find out which platoon will claim the cup this year!

Celebrate summer, on the way to Olympic records!