February 2020

The WWFC International League, UF MMA All-Ukrainian Mixed Martial Arts Federation, in cooperation with FAV.BET and "Bukovel" resort are giving you a sporting event of the highest quality. "ROAD TO WWFC BUKOVEL OPEN CUP" is a new interesting showdown series to be seen exclusively at "Bukovel"!

Not so long ago we had the initial qualifier round between amateurs and pros, which went absolutely magnificent. Right now we’re doing final preparations for the second qualifier event, scheduled for February 22.

The time is near for us to pick the strongest amateurs and pros from group "B", to compete in our Grand Final event on March 14.

Once again, the competition will be held in grand-prix format. We would also like to announce some bonuses and rewards we establish to encourage our fighters:

  • Amateurs: money prizes for spectacular performance;
  • Professionals: bonuses for the best knockout, best submission, spectacular performance.

Road to WWFC Bukovel Open Cup, 2nd qualifier roster:


70 kg. Group "B"

  • Solodovnyk Heorhii (Kharkiv, YOD),
  • Pienkin Valentyn (Dnipro, SICARIO),
  • Andreev Oleh (Kharkiv, HUNTERS),
  • Ozmanov Artur (Kyiv, Pereloma ММА).

84 kg. Group "B"

  • Hadyrov Denys (Dolyna, Legion),
  • Kasumov Nasrudi (Kremenchuk, Vainah),
  • Ostapchuk Vadym (Ternopil,Yasuny),
  • Bahlaiev Oleksandr (Sumy, SATORI).


57 kg. Group "B"

  • Yakimenko Vitalii (Kharkiv, HUNTERS),
  • Solovei Dmytro (Rivne, ONE PUNCH),
  • Vanteev Oleksandr (Minsk, Academy MMA Belarus),
  • Cheredichenko Bohdan (Kharkiv, YOD).

70 kg. Group "B"

  • Artysiuk Yevhen (Minsk, Academy MMA Belarus),
  • Krakovskyi Oleksandr (Mykolaiv, BILLDOG),
  • Zhurakivskyi Anatolii (Chernivtsi, SAYGON),
  • Fedoseev Oleh (Kryvyi Rih, VIKING).

The higher WWFC officials have something to say:

"First and foremost, what we wanted to achieve when we decided to run a tournament like this, for both amateurs and pros – is giving athletes a chance of becoming one step closer to success, provide an opportunity for them to prove themselves on the competitive level. The first qualifier has ended and clearly shown the potential of the event to have a bright shining future. I think it’s safe to assume that the second one will bring even more thrill and discoveries. The so-called "equator" of the series is an important moment, as it brings us closer to the boiling point of the event, which by the way is rapidly approaching. Good luck to our contenders and let the strongest prevail", - Volodymyr Teslia, WWFC & UFMMA chairman.

"We are absolutely satisfied with the results of the first qualifier round. At first, we were uncertain, as the "road to" format is new to our country. As we strive to set up the highest possible quality bar for this event, both athletes and the organizing team - carried a huge burden of responsibility. Surely, it was a trial for us all, and the cause is noble indeed. We’re hoping for big future of the Ukrainian MMA, and the next qualifier round is a chance for us to do even better. We’re waiting with anticipation and we invite all the MMA fans out there to join us and cheer for their favorites!", - Denys Perch, WWFC & UFMMA vice-president.

For ticket booking, please call: (0342) 59-54-44

Partner company – "FAV.BET".

Media partner – "XSPORT TV".

Exclusive sponsor – TC "Bukovel".

Press service, PR and Communication manager: Kalmykova Anna. 098-614-53-44, anna.k.chers@gmail.com