June 2018
Artek unity web: a record-breaking attempt

They say friendships in Artek have no borders.

This is the most precious treasure that we Artekiates possess!

"Artek-Bukovel" is a marvelous land of childhood. Like a flower, it blossoms again and again, growing stronger from cheerful smiles of our kids. On June 6th, some very big celebration has come to the famous children’s camp – fourth anniversary of the Carpathian affiliate of the brand. Birthday is when dreams come true and positive atmosphere gets all over the place. For the Artekiates from all over the world it’s not just an ordinary day. The Artek brand now boasts an over 90-years-old (93 to be exact) history and traditions. Today we may firmly state, "Artek" has united us into a family. To commemorate all these great years together, our children have made their own world record-breaking attempt – the biggest unity web in the history of the camp. Unity web is an established symbol of unity, care and friendship amongst the children of Artek.