July 2019
«Artek-Bukovel» discount raffle update

Dear friends!

Summer holidays is the time of opportunities for your kids. Let their vacations and recreation be unforgettable, full of emotions, sensations, acquaintances, newly acquired skills and knowledge. We are pleased to welcome your children to “Artek-Bukovel” children’s camp for a new camping season!

Book a "Forest" camp visa now and have an opportunity to win up to a 50% cash-back off your purchase! We’re going to raffle off seven discounted visas: one 50%, three 25% and three 15%.

This offer is valid through July 31.

The raffle will take place on August 5th, 2019. The live stream of the event will be broadcasted through our Facebook page.

The lucky ones will be informed personally. They will receive cash-backs in the amount of the won discount.

Book now!

March 2019 raffle results

April 2019 raffle results

May 2019 raffle results

June 2019 raffle results

June winners:

50% discount

  • Kurch Marksym

25% discounts

  • Holubieva Eleonora
  • Tanko Andrii
  • Byrka Oleksandra

15% discounts

  • Dmitriiev Anton
  • Lypko Bohdan
  • Dymura Sofiia

Transfer to "Artek-Bukovel"


For details, please call: +38 0342 59 55 46

Good luck!