July 2019
«Artek-Bukovel» meets Mykhailo Kharuk

We are pleased to introduce you to the Olympic World Champion in snowboarding, Mykhailo Kharuk, a honorable guest of our forthcoming sporting event, scheduled for August 1-4.

We strive to popularize healthy way of life to become vital parts of everyone’s life. Physical culture and sport are able to bless you with additional energies and positive emotions, contribute to the strengthening of the immune system, protecting one’s body from many deceases. These (and many others) topics our Artekiates will be able to discuss with the starry boarder, the Olympic Champion who’ll run a series of useful workshops. Everyone interested will be able to chat with our sporting celebrity and make a selfie with him. 

Healthy spirit makes a happy nation! This is the motto of "Artek-Bukovel" camping session V. Together we aspire for greater achievements!